Elisabeth-Gateff-Preis Flyer

Gateff Prize

Prof. Dr. Elisabeth-Gateff

In the world of genetics, Prof. Dr. Elisabeth Gateff is a shining inspiration. With tireless dedication and unwavering commitment, she has redefined the boundaries of our understanding of carcinogenesis.

Elisabeth Gateff is a true pioneer in her field and a living legend in cancer research. Her work will continue to shine long beyond her time, reminding us that with determination, dedication and compassion, even the greatest challenges can be overcome.

“In the course of my scientific career, I have been honored with some wonderful prizes - I would now like to pass on this encouragement and financial support to young researchers” says Elisabeth Gateff, who was head of the Institute of Genetics at Mainz University and has been retired since 1998.

She has saved her prize money from the Meyenburg Prize, the German Cancer Prize and the Prince Hitachi Prize she was awarded for this purpose and has made it available for the Society for Genetics' PhD Prize since 2000. Each year, doctoral students are awarded the prize named after her for outstanding work in the field of genetics.

In previous years, the prizes were generously provided by the company Boehringer Ingelheim.